Saneeya Khan

OCFEC Year-Round Website Redesign


The OC Fair & Event Center is a huge area with plenty of event space. However, the current year-round website is missing important information for prospective clients to host & sponsor events, and is not simple to navigate. So I decided to challenge myself by creating a new version of the event's page by adding relevant information and better usability.

Full Project Deck:


User Research

I conducted surveys and interviews with potential users and asked them what they would want to see on a venue's website. I was able to gather useful information based on their experiences and frustrations with venue searching. For example, the most common problem I found was that users hardly ever got upfront costs on a website. 



With the research I gathered, I was able to make personas (such as the one above). Personas helped me better understand my target users and make sure my designs were hitting the users' needs.


Site Map

With my persona and user research, I developed a basic framework of the website.


Task Flows

Since cost is a major factor to users, one of the main task flows in the website is using the Cost Calculator.  Above shows the steps a user would take to get an estimate of their event costs.


Sketches & Wireframes

I began initial designs with low-fidelity wireframes and sketches which I showed to users who gave me feedback on elements they liked, didn't understand or thought needed changes.



Making initial wireframes & sketches, helped me refine my designs into more a more final, finished product. 



Static visual assets can only go so far, to truly show how the website would work, I made  interactive prototypes for users to test.

To view full prototypes:  (Mobile)  (Desktop)


User Testing Results:

I had four users test out the prototypes and they gave me invaluable feedback on things that I had not paid attention to or had overlooked:

Here are is some of the feedback I got:

  • Like the large images on home page
  • Most users were generally able to navigate quickly to areas during testing (such as Venues, Cost Calculator)
  • Search bar on desktop version is too large
  • “Book a Tour” section might be better placed under another section instead of under “Plan Your Event”
  • Cost Calculator might be hard to implement because it takes some of the use for sales team members away

For full list of user feedback and more artifacts, please see my project deck.