Saneeya Khan
bannerthumb_2.jpg Website Redesign


This project was created during Website Weekend LA's Hackathon. I served as the UX designer on my team which also included developers, visual designers and content writers. We were assigned to New Hearts Recovery Network, an organization that devotes its energy to people that need help in every area of life such as victims of addiction, domestic abuse and veterans seeking medical help. While redoing an entire website in two days was no easy task, we were able to create an amazing new site.

Prototype Link:

Staging Site:

Site Map

After talking with the client (the founder of New Hearts Recovery Network) and my team, I created a site map. The old website had a lot of content and we ended up removing some pages, or condensing others in order to display the most prominent information. 




Once the site map was done, I helped create wireframes showing the basic layout of the main pages.


Because of time constraints, we went straight to high-fidelity mockups after the wireframes were done. These were able to give the team and client a good idea of the site's aesthetic and layout. 


There were a few technical issues along the way, but we managed to get a staging site of I also made an interactive prototype (click here to view) so that the client could see what the final version of the site we envisioned would look like.