Saneeya Khan

County Fair Companion App

County Fair Companion App


Ever since I've started working at the local county fair, I know first-hand that a lot of work goes into making sure the fair goes off without a hitch every summer. I also know that for the fair goer, there are a lot of options and choices and sometimes even confusion when it comes to the fair's offerings. So I decided to design my version of the companion app that will help make navigating the fair as easy as possible.

Prototype Link:

Full Wireframe Deck:

Site Map

Overview of the app's page layout.


The mockups I created for the interactive prototype.


Usability Testing Results

I had 3 users test out my initial prototype and realized that I was missing important information for the fair, such as parking. I also learned that I needed to  add some sort of "Welcome" message. With this information, I was able to make my final prototype: